Rochester, NY: Do-it-all Embedded Developer

When I visited the company I left remembering something from the movie The Santa Clause.  The toy company had produced the Do-it-all-for-you-dolly. This position reminded me of that.  It needs someone who can do a little of everyting, and do it all well.

This is a small and growing company.  The engineering group is not large, but they work together as a team and help each other.

They need a person who is very versatile and self motivated.  Very strong attention to detail.

Bare-metal embedded software development with C.

Experience with RF (passive and active) especially 433.

Applications testing.

Communications protocol design!

Comfortable playing with hardware.

Electrical Engineering and/or Computer Engineering education and/or background preferred.

The ability to cry at the touch of a button is not required.

Contact me staffing [at] softwarescout [dot] com if you are interested!