Ithaca NY: Electrical Engineer

Ithaca NY: Electrical Engineer.

Senior Electrical Engineer

· Must have the knowledge of electrical theory, electronic components and materials to use in the selection of design solutions for a project.

· Must possess an excellent knowledge of the operating theory or physics behind electrical mechanical systems.

· Must have experience in creative engineering design and skills developing new solutions to electro-mechanical problems.

· Must have experience in designing digital circuits, analog circuits, and power circuits.

· Must have the ability to produce detailed electronic designs that fulfill the product requirements of new projects as defined by CTPG.

· Must have an excellent understanding of the cost of components and circuits in the industry. Must keep current on any new components that become available for use in CTPG products.

· Must have the ability to analyze existing designs for improvement in the areas of cost, reliability, or function.

· Must be able to perform design calculations and simulations for new circuit designs to assure that CTPG reliability goals are met before money is spent on prototypes and testing.

· Must be able to perform an engineering analysis of circuits and systems as a part of technology selection, failure analyses, or customer support activities.

· Must have an expert’s understanding of Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) and Safety requirements. Must have the ability to operate in-house emissions, ESD and EFT measuring equipment.

· Must have excellent debugging skills for troubleshooting engineering problems including EMC related issues.

· Must be able to travel to our customers to investigate mechanism failures, determine root cause, and develop corrective action to get the customer back up and running with CTPG products.

· Must be able to design products for optimum flow through existing manufacturing processes at minimum cost.

· Must be able to work with manufacturing engineers to constantly improve manufacturability of designs and to seek out new manufacturing processes that can lower overall costs of production.

· Must make use of CAE-CAD tools to assist in design creation, verification and implementation on final Printed Circuit Board (PCB) artwork. Must stay current on new releases of the CAE-CAD tool owned by CTPG.

· Responsible for training junior engineering staff members in use of CAE-CAD tools with the objective of helping them become the resident expert.

· Responsible for writing test plans/methods to confirm systems' and components' capabilities (specifications).

· Must provide support to ongoing sales effort by providing engineering information to questions from Sales, and Marketing. Be willing and ready to provide whatever technical

assistance is required in other areas of company operation where such expertise is required.

· Must follow the electrical design process as outlined in CTPG’s ISO system. Must have the ability to suggest process improvements within ISO framework.

· Must communicate critical schedule, cost and quality changes to the Engineering Director in a timely manner.

· Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, establishing personal networks, participating in professional societies.

· Must be able to analyze tool, test equipment and software needs for the design, test and verification of CTPG products. Must provide recommendations for capital expenditures and budgeting to the Engineering Director.

· Must be expert in the use of computational software tools such as spreadsheets, math tools and simulation tools.

· Must have general ability to use PC resident software tools for document creation/editing and database management. Must have some familiarity with graphic or script editing tools.

· Must be proficient using oscilloscopes, logic and spectrum analyzers and other test equipment.

· Must be skilled in the use of hardware definition languages such as VHDL for creating and simulating digital logic designs in custom ICs and programmable logic devices.

· Must be able to use development tools to edit and simulate logic designs.

· Must be familiar with firmware and software languages in order to better interface with firmware and software engineering departments and understand their needs as they relate to hardware design.

· Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Must have the ability to take highly technical designs to a less technical audience who is involved in the decision making process.

· Must have good organization and time management skills and the ability to multitask.

· Must be able to do minor board level repairs when technician help is unavailable.


· Bachelor of Science or higher degree in Electrical Engineering and 10 years of experience.

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