Rochester, NY: Engineering Manager

Rochester NY: Engineering Manager, UL Controls

Position Summary

This position is responsible for managing the UL Controls Engineering department including software and hardware development, performance testing, certification and transition to production.

Principle Responsibilities

  • Manage and lead an organization focused on developing controls as key components of intrusion and home automation ecosystems which integrate embedded controller technologies, integrated IP and cellular communications, device bus hardware and protocols, remote programming, and iOS and Android apps
  • Work with peers on a global scale to develop a common global platform that is the foundation of all systems, foster an inclusive environment, encourage knowledge sharing and boundary-less collaboration 
  • Responsible for developing controls compliant to UL and ULc standards based on the global platform
  • Instill a spirit of creativity and agility to transform R&D department from “implementation machine” to “innovation driver”, supporting the evolution from stand-alone intrusion systems to integrated, networked and smart security solution.
  • Provide direction in regards to design for quality, cost efficiency, performance, usability and manufacturability based on engineering processes and industry standards
  • Maintain a culture of diligence in execution including appropriate principles and tools such as QFD, Pugh, FMEA, and DFMA, as well as close collaboration with manufacturing
  • Identify and analyze relevant technology trends, competitor offerings and industry changes
  • Develop talent through training and recruiting
  • Collaborate with product managers and project managers to adequately staff projects according to their priorities and identify skill gaps which need to be addressed
  • Identify potential external development partners, and organize joint projects


  • Min. required:  BS degree in a relevant engineering discipline
  • Desired: post-graduate engineering degree


  • 5+ years experience in development of embedded electronics and software products
  • R&D leadership position (5+ years) in electronics, telecom, or consumer electronics industry
  • Experience working with UL and knowledge of UL standards and processes

Personal Capabilities

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills are essential
  • High level of independence and intrinsic motivation
  • Experience in international work environment
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and results orientation
  • Technologically savvy and curious

Contact me staffing [at] softwarescout [dot] com if interested.