Ithaca, NY: Software Engineer

Ithaca, NY: Software Engineer: Device drivers and applications.

· Has current knowledge and experience in Java, C/C++, C#, Visual Studio, and VB .Net programming languages.

· Has current knowledge or experience with iOS, Android platforms

· Has knowledge or understanding of Universal Windows Platform

· Has ability to pick up on proprietary printer languages.

· Understanding of the current software programming tools used in the industry.

· Familiar or has knowledge of firmware design

· Ability to analyze and interpret older technologies/software applications and to be able to re-design and re-implement the same in newer environments/technologies.

· Strong problem-solving skills and have relevant experience isolating and correcting bugs.

· Analyze existing software code for improvement in the areas of reliability and/or function.

· Experience with device drivers, UPOS drivers, Installshield, is a plus.

· Experience with Windows printer system drivers and/or Linux CUPS drivers is a plus.

· Experience working in a collaborative team environment.

· Experience in creating software engineering solutions for problems.

· Ability to create a detailed software design in UML that fulfills the product requirements of new projects as defined by CTPG.

· Experience writing unit test plans to confirm software’s capabilities to meet the functional specifications.

· Must provide support to ongoing sales effort by helping to solve integration problems with customer applications using our drivers/software products.

· Good organization and time management skills and the ability to multitask.

· Strong algorithmic, optimization, system analysis, and documentation skills.

· Good written and verbal communication skills.


Bachelor of Science or higher degree in Computer Science and Engineering

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Required experience:

  • Software Engineer: 5 years


Please send resume and cover-email to staffing [at] softwarescout [dot] com.