Origin of the name - "The Software Scout"

This name originally had nothing to do with Recruiting.

A number of years ago I worked for Crazy Egor. I went with him to a big gaming convention called Gencon, to work in his booth selling rare and out-of-print board and tactical games.

One morning I had gotten up,  done my morning routine including some yoga, and then I had gone for a walk.

If you have never seen Egor (aka Paul Meyer) he is a really big man.  I would guess he is about 6'6" or more, and makes my linebacker brother look small.  And of course he must eat well to maintain a body of that size.  I happened to know that Egor liked all-you-can-eat style breakfasts.  So part of the purpose of my walk had been to check out the local restaurants.

I got back to the room, and Egor was getting up.  When he was ready he said "Let's go find some place to eat!"

I then proceeded to list all the local restaurants and their selections and prices, at which point Egor said "Good Scout!", and the name stuck.

Side notes:  Everyone who works for Egor has a '"Troll name."  So my full name was "Scout Troll."   The name has also continued to work for me because I have an ability to find things other than food.  So when I started my own recruiting company, to find jobs for people, and people for companies, the Scout name fit well!


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