About Eric R. Derby, The Software Scout

I have been a technical recruiter for over twelve years. I started working for a small agency, and was trained by a wonderful, ethical man named Murray Brandes.  I was leading the company in placements, and when he sold the company I started The Software Scout.  In June of 1997 I opened my company with the goal of  improving the level of service for both applicants and companies.  During the down economy years I tried a few other directions, such as running Eric's Computer House Call; repairing computers at people's houses and teaching clients how to keep their computer clean and up-to-date.  At different times I worked for two staffing agencies.  In 2006 The Software Scout was reborn with a new business model.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from RIT, and I am certified by HCRI as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

I have seven years of experience as a Software Engineer and two years of experience as a Network Manager before finding my way into recruiting.

I am one of few recruiters in Rochester that has a degree, and experience, in the area that I am recruiting for.  I do not know any other recruiters that have both a technical background combined with a human resources certification.