Current Job Openings

This is a brief overview of my current clients and the positions that I am working to fill.  Specifics for some of the positions can be found in the links below or to the left.

If you are a candidate looking for a new position, please feel free to contact me about other positions I have, or if you have general questions about the market or particular companies.

Update 1/10/18: A good start

Bosch security systems, with whom I have an engineering exclusive for direct hire positions, is adding 18 new positions including: RF engineer (4), Embedded Software Engineer (2), Electrical Engineer (4, 2 different details), Test Technician (3, 2 are contract), Test Engineer (2, 1 with RF), Test Automation Architect, Test Automation Engineer, Embedded Systems Architect.  I will be position the jobs as they are approved over the next week or two.

In general the market is still pretty slow.  I have two new positions I am working in Ithaca.  I have one other big project for a not-for-profit that was delayed and should start in a few months.  I have another client in Ithaca that I might be working with soon with a good number of software openings.

I have re-started my Paid referral policy with double my normal fee if you want it donated to a charity.

For the job details see the menu to below or to the left.

Hiring for software developers and related positions is fairly slow presently, and has been since last spring.  I would hope that things will pick up this spring.  Technically many companies have openings in January but most do not get around to hiring for a month or two.


Current openings: