Current Job Openings

This is a brief overview of my current clients and the positions that I am working to fill.  Specifics for some of the positions can be found in the links below or to the left.

If you are a candidate looking for a new position, please feel free to contact me about other positions I have, or if you have general questions about the market or particular companies.

Update 6/14/17: Slowing down as we come into summer?

December and January were much busier than I had expected.  I was happy to have February slow down, except that I then got a part-time contract working through HR-Works at a small local not-for-profit.  It looked like things were going to ramp up for the Spring hiring season but it never really go there.  And not that we are in summer, where the direct-hire job market generally slows down, I am getting more jobs...

Surprising lack of Java positions right now... but I have clients telling me that they will have jobs open 'soon'!

I have re-started my Paid referral policy with double my normal fee if you want it donated to a charity in your name.

For the job details see the menu to below or to the left.

Overall the market for software developers is still strong.  Generally the unemployed are those that have recently been laid off or that have just finished contracts.  Most find new employment in less than sixty days though I am seeing some exceptions to that.  Some positions like embedded developers take longer because those positions are irregular in their occurance.

Current openings: