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After working with me for a short time you will see that I am not your average recruiter. When was the last time someone asked you about your goals? Your experience is important, but to match you with the right company I need to know where you are going to thrive.

Better than 96% of my direct placements stay in their positions for two years or more. Contractors are happy to get the work that they really want.

I will always be straight and up-front with you. I will let you know that I am not a high volume recruiter, that I focus on finding people positions that are excellent fits, not just the first job that comes along. I only work with 2-4 companies at a time, so that perfect position may not come quickly.  Once I know what you want, I can contact you when I find the right position for you.

If you would like to work with me, I would like the following from you. Send me as much of this as you can, and I can get the rest when we talk.

  • a resume, via email (MS Word, PDF, RTF acceptable)
  • a current list of at least three to four professional references
  • a summary of what you want including:
    • salary expectation (current salary, least acceptable, and target)
    • work environment
    • type of company
    • professional goals
    • details on present and desired work
    • other intangibles
  • a time when we can talk.

My goal is to find you the right job, not the first job that comes along. Begin thinking now about what it is that you really want.