Rochester. NY: Test Engineer (Electrical)

Test Engineer (Electrical).  New job description to arrive about the beginning of February.

Position Summary

This is a mid-level engineering test position where the individual will contribute to the development of solutions to integrate and validate security products during development and transition to manufacturing. The individual will participate in a structured product development process, contributing in the areas of system performance testing, test case creation and documentation and analyses / reporting of test data to the project lead.

Principal Responsibilities

Test Solution development

  • Work with development teams to understand and document their test needs and schedules
  • Evaluate and propose equipment for fulfillment of test needs
  • Develop electrical and electromechanical test platforms to facilitate product testing
  • Create test system documentation containing schematics, mechanical drawings, and parts lists

Verification and Troubleshooting

  • Perform individual and system level testing on wireless products
  • Test engineering samples to ensure they meet all performance requirements
  • Troubleshoot product and test equipment, propose and implement fixes


  • Participate in technical meeting and project reviews
  • Present test proposals and reports to project team


Minimum:  Associate degree in Electrical Engineering / Eng. Technology

Preferred:  Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering / Eng. Technology

Job Requirements


  • Minimum of 3 year experience in electrical, RF testing
  • Proficiency with oscilloscopes, multi-meters, chart recorders, and signal generators
  • Good understanding electronics and RF principals
  • Effective troubleshooting skills at system and component levels


  • Good understanding of Mechanical and optical principals
  • Proficiency with spectrum analyzers and network analyzers
  • Familiarity with ZigBee, WiFi protocols

Special Skills

To be successful in this position individual must have a high level of self-motivation, a drive for self-development and possess good reading comprehension, communication and interpersonal skills.

Contact me staffing [at] softwarescout [dot] com if interested.